If you have questions or already have an account and need to update your contact information or volunteer hourly rate, send an email to pmi@pencil615.org


PENCIL works to bridge the gap between volunteers’ generosity and skills and the support MNPS needs to help students grow. 

PENCIL staff research, recruit, link and maintain the relationships between the community and schools to ensure a positive experience for all students and volunteers involved. With PENCIL Partnerships directly affecting students and teachers in more than 93 schools, we believe that community involvement is the key to students' academic success.

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We are looking for volunteers in the following areas:



To build literacy, students need to master phonics, oral language, and content knowledge with the goal of strong comprehension, or understanding, of what they read. They also need core skills such as alphabet knowledge, fluency, and word reading. Become a tutor today.


Academy PENCIL Partners work directly with teachers to develop industry-specific lesson plans that correlate with each focused learning pathway - even in core curriculum classes.


Family Resource Centers act as a hub for community resources, helping families navigate outside agencies that can assist with social, emotional and physical needs. Through assistance from PENCIL Partners, community agencies and other resources, FRCs are able to stock emergency food/clothing and develop services tailored to their school population, such as GED and English-language classes, parenting classes, eye exams and glasses, individual counseling and student leadership groups.


The LP PENCIL Box is a teacher supply store stocked with classroom essentials such as pencils, crayons, copy paper, note books, book bags, glue sticks, hand sanitizer and much more. The store exists through generous donations from national brands, the Nashville community, and our PENCIL Partners.